Church is more than a Sunday morning…Today during church we talked about what it means to be an authentic community. Here are some of the responses that we shared during our discussion time…

– worshipping together
– “being there” for each other
– not having our lives be “fully booked” and no room for each other
– having a “Soul friend”
– actually listening to each other
– a willingness to be vaunerable
– be willing to accept charity
– pray together (outside of church services) and be willing to be part of the answer to someone’s prayer (i.e. if someone is asking for prayer for a need, and you can help meet that need…than do it)
– Taking communion together
– eating together
– being honest with eachother in love
– spending time together
– meeting each other’s needs
– encouragement

It’s neat to notice that most of these can be done in the midst of a “church service.” But, some of them cannot, and some can be done better outside the “service.” Some of them are frames of mind, others are actions…At Jericho, we are really just trying to be a genuine community of Christ followers…that means we need to do more than just sunday mornings. I think when Paul said, “don’t forsake the gathering of the saints” he was not just talking about a church service. He was talking about dinner on tuesday night, getting together for coffee thursday for breakfast, etc.

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