The Well? What kind of church is that?”

I am often asked this question? What do I say?

Well, last Sunday night during our Midrash we had some discussion about this and, even more importantly, we had some discussion on how we can learn to be the kind of church we want to be better.

“We seek to be a church that follows Jesus and bless the world.”

That’s a great start. You have likely seen it plastered all over our bulletin and mentioned from the front time and time again.

“But how do you do that? What does that look like? How do you follow Jesus? How do you bless the world?”

This is where the answers might get a little hard to articulate. Well, the following is a quick summary of how we hope to do that:

The Well is a community of people that seeks to,
be formed around the scriptures and prayer

called to be the hands and feet of Jesus,
and proclaim the message of Jesus

in Feasterville,
Bucks County,
and the world.

More on how our conversation helped us make some steps forward in doing this a little bit better later…