I haven’t posted in a while because deeply intrenched in some good stuff at church and some fun web design work. I am in the midst of finishing up some sites for a few great organizations:

  • Joe Myers (Author of The Search to Belong and Organic Community). Here is Joe’s current site. A redesign is long overdue!
  • One Village Coffee (An exciting new business specializing in connecting the grower to the consumer)
  • Ministry Link (The website for the Southeastern PA Lutheran Synod)
  • Ecclesia Network (A missional network of churches). I have a one page info site up. More to follow.
  • First Church Ministries (a church in Newport News, VA)
  • Mr. B’s Coffee House (a ministry of Calvary Church in Souderton, PA)

Hopefully some of these projects will be launching soon so I will some stuff to show off…