So, just curious, what do you think of the follow statement that I pulled off of a church website (which will remain nameless)

“Loving God, Loving Others, and Serving. We believe that true spiritual growth happens in small groups of people. That’s the way Jesus taught his disciples, that’s the way the early church was formed, and that’s the way we’re going to grow as well. Imagine a church that doesn’t just have small groups, but is a church of small groups. Imagine these groups learning how to live more like Jesus. Imagine these groups in all corners of our city serving the poor, the broken, and the forgotten people. Imagine these groups simply being the Church.”

In the meantime, we need everyone to sign up for a small group. We have two ways for you to do this. You can simply click “Find A Group” on this website, or you can sign up at the church kiosk on our campus. Be sure to sign up today as small groups will fill up quickly.

Now, here are my questions (I’m asking genuine questions here, i really am curious):

1. Do you think that “true spiritual growth really happens” in small groups of people? Has that been your experience?

2. In your experience, where / how has your “true spiritual growth” happened?

3. If you have an opinion, what do you think of the “church of small groups model?”

4. Finally, would you sign up? Would you join this if this were your church?

Update: Thanks everyone for your helpful responses! I’ve followed suit and posted my thoughts in a new blog post. You can find it here: