What do you do with Jesus?
Who is he to you?

Yeah. Sure. He died. He was buried. He rose again.
Yeah. I believe that. Sure.
Now I can go to heaven right?

I have been washed with the blood of the lamb.
I am white has snow.
Well great. Good for you.


Have you met the risen savior?
Have you have a personal encounter with the risen Jesus?
Have you stepped into his life.
His death.
His resurrection.
Even if you don’t fully get it?

You know, You can’t really explain it.
You can’t put it into bullet points.
You can’t simply walk down an aisle to get there.
You have to experience it.

It requires deep humility.
It requires something that is not inside of your will.
It requires the Holy Spirit.

So, who is Jesus to you?
A cognitive truth that simply makes your sins no more?


Have you had a personal encounter with the Risen Savior.