So, I’m almost on two weeks since I got back from Zambia. I feel like I was pretty prepared for the “missions trip high” (for lack of better way to describe it). I’ve done this before and like most people I usually crash spritually and revert to my old self within two weeks.

I’m coming down off my cloud a bit but I’m happy to say that we have not moved away from the direction we sense our lives moving. What direction is that? The basic story is this: we need to live more sustainably so that we can be free to respond to God’s daily calling to spend ourselves on behalf of others. This has to do with big things like debt reduction and not ever being happy until we get rid of it and keep it that way. We’re currently looking at a 2.5 year goal and we should be free from it. The point here is that its not just about debt reduction for the sake of debt reduction. Its about debt reduction for the sake of the Gospel and our specific calling in it.

But, this also has to do with simple things like daily purchases and daily decisions about time and priorities. I like what my friend JR Rozko quoted today: “Every time currency changes hands, I am making a spiritual decision.” That’s good stuff and I’m wiling now to say say that its more true than I have ever wanted to believe.

This week has been hard for me. Its been hard to get back to work. Hard to focus on tasks. Hard to feel inspired to do anything. Hard to stop dreaming about my new friends in Zambia. Partially this is because I am buried under a pile of work since I was away for nearly two weeks. But, a lot of it is that I just don’t feel like doing anything (mostly talking about work stuff here). I know that’s not an option but its just how I feel.

But, in the midst of all this… the reason that I feel like we’ve not lost much steam to our commitment is because of the community around us. The thing that has been a blessing the last week and a half has been a couple families around us that are standing behind us and alongside of us as we seek to live as resident aliens in the midst of the suburban mob.

There have been a number of people who have written and thanked me for writing about what God’s been doing with us. All I can say is that its nice to be inspired and challenged, but don’t expect to change until you’ve got a few other solid friends in your corner holding you up and pushing you when necessary.

When you have these kind of friends, they won’t let you quit. What a blessing and a curse!