I used to be one of those guys who would look at people running and say “those people are nuts.” I mean, why would I run? Growing up playing sports, running was always the punishment for doing something wrong. Miss too many free  throws? Run. Drop a fly ball? Run. Make the wrong pass? Run. Be slow getting back on defense? Run.

You get the point. Running is punishment. How in the world could people do it for fun?

Well, my last post talked about why I started running.

So to all you running skeptics out there – and I know there are many of you – I offer you the reasons I keep on running:

  • I run because I don’t want to wake up at 40 and be twice the size as I am now. I hear getting it off after you put it on is ridiculously hard. I’m trying to just keep it off. You know, be proactive about it.
  • I run because I love the challenge.
  • I run because I had always been an athlete and I missed the challenge and competition.
  • I run because it is one of the few places I am alone and quiet. I don’t run with music so its just me and the road or trail. It’s honestly been one of my best spiritual disciplines I’ve ever taken up.
  • I run to relieve stress.
  • I run because I enjoy inspiring others to do the same. This is why I post my times / runs on Facebook and Runkeeper. It’s been cool to hear that my running has inspired others to get in shape or take up some other discipline in their life.
  • I run because I am a fairly undisciplined person. Running has helped me improve this. A lot.
  • I run because I want to model a healthy life for my kids.
  • I run because I really, really like running shoes. Seriously, I think I have a problem. I think I am one of the biggest Brooks Running evangelists ever.
  • I run because I love the feeling after I am done with a run. There is nothing like finishing a 20 mile run and being able to say “Yeah, I just did that.”
  • I run because I’m constantly amazed at what the human body is able to accomplish when we push ourselves.
  • I run because it makes me stronger mentally. It was after my first 1/2 marathon that I realized that endurance running is at least 50% mental – if not more.
  • I run because my spiritual health is directly connected to my physical health. I’ve always known this but never really understood it until I started running.
  • I run because I have actually grown to like the pain.
  • I run because it makes me a happier person.
  • I run because its a great time to think. Almost better than the shower.
  • I run because I signed up for a marathon and if I don’t train I’m screwed.

If you are a runner, why do you run?