It’s now just under 24 hours before me and two other pastors (my good friend Tom Ward is one of them) make the trek to JFK Airport and head for Zambia on British Airways.

Here is a rundown of the next two weeks by the numbers:

  • 3 – The number of people on our team that leaves Tomorrow.
  • 7 – The number of hours it takes to get to London from JFK in NYC.
  • 10 – The number of hours we will toll around London looking for a good English pub.
  • 10 – The number of hours it takes to fly from London to Zambia.
  • 13 – The number of times we will be speaking to pastors, college students and others during the trip.
  • 10 – The number of days we’ll actually be on the ground and serving in Zambia.
  • 11 Million – The approximate population of Zambia
  • 1 million – The approximate number of children living on the street without parents.
  • 70 – The percentage of people in Ndola (the second largest city) who live on less than a dollar a day.
  • 4 – The approximate number of hours that we will spend in Ndola’s largest slum, Chipulukusu.
  • 6 – The number of books I am bringing along with me for my trip because I can never decide which ones to leave at home.
  • 2 – The number of children I am leaving at home who I am going to miss like crazy and who are going to miss me like crazy.

Tomorrow we’ll be at The Well before we leave to spend the morning wiht our community.  I am so glad that we leave on a Sunday so we get to do this.  After church we’ll head off to grab lunch with the family and then finally make way for the airport.

I’ll be posting our tenative schedule while we are in Zambia tomorrow so if you want to, you can pray for us more specifically during the trip.