About Me

I have been using words, the web, and technology to solve problems since my first job out of college in 2000 as a security officer at my college.

  • I have been consulting with nonprofits and small businesses in marketing and communications since 2004 — culminating at co-founding Liminal Creative in the middle of a pandemic.
  • I spent 14 years as co-founder and Lead Pastor of The Well, a church community outside of Philadelphia, PA.
  • I served on the board of directors of an international nonprofit, Lemonade International for 6 years and as Director of Marketing and Communications for 2.5 years.
  • I worked on the development team of Compassion First, a nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and aftercare of women and girls who have been sexually exploited in Indonesia.
  • I spent 3 years in the crowdfunding and nonprofit technology at Pure Charity where I consulted and interacted with hundreds of nonprofit leaders and organizations.

My wife and I parent four boys, 10 goats, 1 alpaca, 3 dogs, 12 chickens, 5 ducks, and we live close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR.

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