I just bought a Sodastream and it has already made me a better person. I am now one step closer to sainthood because of it.

This is not a hyperbolic statement.

This morning, in a brilliant epiphany, I realized that I can make the coffee soda that I always get when I go to fancy coffee shops using my SodaStream and Aeropress. Since this new coffee experience has changed my life, I want to share it with you so that you too can find the hope and life changing nectar of this glorious reality.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A SodaStream (or just get some seltzer water or mineral water).
  • An Aeropress coffee maker. I used this because it is the closest thing to an espresso shot I can get without buying a fancy espresso machine.
  • Some decent coffee. I subscribed to Drink Trade during the pandemic and it has made me very, very happy.
  • Simple syrup (If you like sweeter in your iced coffee like I do).


  1. Make some soda water with your fancy SodaStream (or if you are a loser, like I was before my SodaStream, just get some soda water from the store).
  2. Brew an upside-down Aeropress (thats the only way I do it anymore) 18g coffee and add water up to the second line. Stir it up and then press it after a minute.
  3. Fill a glass (I used a highball glass) with ice and add some simple syrup if you like sweetener in your ice coffee.
  4. Pour the delicious soda water into the glass half about way up.
  5. Pour the glorious coffee you’ve brewed over the soda water and ice.
  6. If necessary, top off your glass with soda water and stir it up.
  7. Drink and have your life changed forever.

If you have your own way of making coffee soda at home I’d love to hear what you do differently!