Todd Hiestand

Todd Hiestand

My wife and I parent four boys, six goats, two dogs, two chickens (update: the chickens have been eaten by coyotes) and we live very close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR. I help nonprofits navigate storytelling, fundraising and technology at 343 Consulting.

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Recent Writings

My biggest Fear is That I Won’t Matter

This is what I told my congregation three years ago… I said, “One of my biggest fears is that I won’t matter and that our church won’t matter.” This confession came along with a call to action. It was a call to love our enemies, care for the poor, live reconciled with one another, be […]

Significant Books that Have Shaped My Leadership and Ecclesiology

I started working at The Well 1 year out of college. That was 2001. Since then, it has been quite the journey. It’s fascinating (to me at least) to look at how I have grown as a Christian and as a leader based on the influences of authors and their books.  In this post, I […]

The Romance of Adoption?

In 2008 my wife and I adopted a shy, little 10 month old boy from Guatemala. He is now a five-year-old untamable ball of energy.  Since that time, one of the things we are continually encouraged by is hearing of more and more people who are adopting, whether it be movies stars or normal people. […]

The (Missional) Vocation of Marriage

A lot is currently being said about marriage these days due to the recent publication of two books on marriage by two famous (and/or infamous) pastors. I won’t link to one of them because I just don’t think it would be helpful, but I will link to the other one because (while I haven’t read […]

Preaching on the Run: Preparing Sermons as a Bi-Vocational Pastor Who Can’t Spend 30 Hours in His Study

I was told in seminary that I should spend 1 hour of sermon prep for every minute I will be preaching.  For many of us that means we should spend 20-30 hours preparing sermons?  This approach poses some serious problems for me. First of all, I have other pastoral responsibilities. Second, I am bi-vocational so […]

The Missional Church in Suburbia

Below is a paper I wrote in an effort to give an introduction to Mission in a Suburban Context. I presented this paper at the Eastern Region Evangelical Theological Society meeting on March 23, 2007. There is much more that needs to be written, but hopefully this serves as a helpful introduction. Feel free to […]