Todd Hiestand

Todd Hiestand

My wife and I parent four boys, six goats, two dogs, two chickens (update: the chickens have been eaten by coyotes) and we live very close to, but not actually in, Portland, OR. I help nonprofits navigate storytelling, fundraising and technology at 343 Consulting.

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Recent Writings

Two Weeks from Today…

…I’ll be recovering from running 26.2 miles… that is if i finish! For the last 4 months I’ve been training hard for this marathon. I’ve made a couple posts on my blog as to why I’m running the marathon (Why I’m Running The Chicago Marathon) and what I’ve kept on running (Why I Run.). When […]

Is Diversity About Being Hip and Relevant?

Great article on diversity and the changing world from Faith and Leadership: Most of us have heard a variation of this statement: “The United States is becoming increasingly racially and ethnically diverse. To stay ‘relevant,’ we must adapt to this new reality.” I have often wondered exactly what this statement is supposed to mean for […]

Reflecting on Back Surgery & the Poor

For the last 6 months my I’ve had shooting pain down my left leg in addition to it going numb all the way down to my toes whenever I stand for more than 3-5 minutes. Strangely, it has been the worst when walking through a grocery store. I’ve taken that as a sign to stop […]

Few Bear the Cross

From The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A’Kempis, “Jesus hath many lovers of His heavenly kingdom, but few bearers of His Cross. He hath many seekers of comfort, but few of tribulation. He findeth many companions of His table, but few of His fasting. All desire to rejoice with Him, few are willing to undergo […]

I am Joining the Lemonade International Board

It was with a deep sense of humility that I can announce that I have officially joined the board of Lemonade International.  Lemonade International exists to “educate and empower the people of the largest urban slum in Central America, La Limonada.” La Limonada is known to have the 4th highest murder rate in the world. […]

Six Themes of Change in the Church

Scot McKnight points to some new research by Barna. Kinda depressing really.

My heart is completely about to explode…

We’ve been intentionally pursuing friendship with the folks in La Limonada, Guatemala over the past year.  This community has become dear to our hearts. Some great news! The “Mi Casita” Safe Home has become a reality for the first eleven children who have just moved into the place they will now call “home” – where they […]

Outsourcing Parenting?

Doesn’t seem like this is rocket science.. For decades, parents have relied on youth group meetings, mission trips, and other church programming to instill a solid sense of faith in their children… …When researchers consider which factors account for strong faith commitments in teenagers and young adults, one element is consistently more pivotal than all […]

Design Can't Rise Above Content

This is a great article on how good design, in the long term, can’t make up for bad content. This transfers to many different areas of life and business. For example, a great worship service can’t hide a bad community life. A nice house can’t hide a bad marriage. Good marketing can’t help a screwed […]

Missional Leadership Culture – Leading in and With the Congregation for the Sake of Others

This post is part of a series on some of the key aspects of the leadership culture we are seeking to create at The Well. These are the concepts and ideas that we have found help guide us and lead us towards being an adaptive and creative community that is able to push the bounds […]